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I Am Passionate About Luhya Language, People And Culture What Do I Need To Know To Write For Mulembe Nation?

If you are looking to contribute to Mulembe Nation, we welcome articles, features, essays, videos and all types of multimedia stories. If you don’t feel ready to make a contribution yet, no problem! To help you make a decision if writing to Mulembe Nation fits with your interests, desires and goals you can check out our freelance agreement and contributor guidelines below.

Contributor guidelines

  1. Find an issue that you are interested in addressing or a feature that you would like to cover in your proffered content type.
  2. Be it that you are ‘starting fresh’ or desire to build on, critique, or offer fresh perspectives on any story covered here, we urge you to make a pitch of your story. In your pitch, give as much detail as possible on the story angle or appropriate changes or the fresh perspective that you want to add.
  3. Submit your pitch using the form below.
  4. Wait for your story pitch to be reviewed by a member of our editorial team.
  5. Make changes to your pitch if an editor recommends any.
  6. Use provided login credentials to gain access to our publishing platform.
  7. Celebrate your success after your content is posted!

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