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Kick up your feet, curl up cozily, gather by the fireside; however you chose to, expect to get lost in another world with our serialized for ease of read essays and stories of great people and interesting places; myth, fact and fiction.

Adventures of Ikine

A hilarious travel diary

The travels of a stereotypical Luhya man from the village traversing the world in search of work, opportunity and fun. Follow his travels as he struggles with identity, culture and adaptation to the new worlds he encounters.

Laugh, cry share in Ikine's travel experiences
Image of warrior by the foot of Mt.Elgon (Masaba) taken in early 1900's.
Born in Lumboka Died in Chetambe

A story of the Bukusu resistance of 1895

A docu-series that honors the forgotten heroes of Chetambe war, examines the tactics and military strategies, and counts the cost when the Luhya, lead by the Bukusu, at the turn of the 19th century fought the world as they resisted colonial rule.

Get inspired by a fight against all odds for freedom and a way of life
Just like liseveve, bless those you find along the way

The Maragoli Expansion

Beyond the well documented Great Bantu migration, the Maragoli of the Luhya in Kenya have a rich migration history. From present day Vihiga, Migori, Lumakanda, Sango, Nandi, Trans Nzoia, Mugumu in Tanzania and further, walk with us as we trace the conquest of a people.

Take in the joys, successes, ups and lows of the Maragoli precolonial, colonial and contemporary migration in search of opportunity and life

Mulembe Food

Easy, delicious Luhya and African food recipes. African food trivia. Follow the journey from farm to fork.

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