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poster of bukusu proverb engila sebolela okenda, featuring image of forest path

Translation and meaning of engila sebolela okenda, a Bukusu proverb

Find the English translation and meaning of the Bukusu proverb engila sebolela okenda.


The road does not tell the traveler what lies ahead.

What is the meaning of bukusu proverb engila sebolela okenda

This Bukusu proverb is about the uncertainties of life. Truth is only arrived at by walking the journey to its full conclusion. Just like walking down a path that your enemies might have traveled on just before you did, and now they wait to waylay you, so is life. In similar vein, the opportunity of your life is just ahead only if you kept on walking.

Use of this Bukusu proverb in daily life

This Bukusu proverb is useful in the following scenarios of everyday life.

  • To console someone who has met a misfortune and is being unduly hard on themselves.
  • To encourage one going through a period of life of great difficulty urging them to keep on keeping on because the next turn they take might be one that leads to an upturn in their fortune.
  • In warning the proud that pride comes befall a fall. And there’s no telling when their balloon will deflate.
  • To educate one embarking on a journey, such as pregnancy, to prepare for the worst even as they hope for the best.

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