About the company

We are three things: A platform, products and service.


MULEMBE NATION is an online platform, a division of Lwandas Tales Media. We exist to enable 'everything mulembe'. Mulembe Nation strives to celebrating Luhya people and their relations, their culture, food, politics and aspirations. Because we are a company rooted in a people, we take pride in encouraging our partners to ‘free their inner Luhya’ as they spread the ‘spirit of mulembe’. We are dedicated to telling the story of Mulembe by way of multimedia and performance arts. We support those who do so in their own way. Pride, honor and truth are our guiding lights as we labor for the benefit of future generations and the wholesomeness of the people of the great lakes, Kenya and Africa. Going forward, we expect the same standard of unquestioned diligence across our current and future work.


Principally a website and social media spaces where, you will find stories on a variety of topics including but not limited to Luhya culture. Luhya folklore encompassing myths and legends. Luhya history that extends to narrate modern urban legends. Luhya food and recipes. Places of interest in mulembe. Commentary on the contemporary life of today’s Luhya man and woman and modern aspirations of the people of mulembe. We also cover lots of ground to unearth stories on unsung local heroes as well as profiles and biographies of people of interest.


Mulembe Nation is a cultural brand living for its community. Mulembe Cares is us in the community enabling dreams through #mentorship #cultureconservation #sustainablelivelihoods Mulembe Jobs is a portal seeking to help local entrepreneurs land the best local talent & talented individuals grab opportunities that would otherwise passed them by .

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About the brand

We are a young brand that was conceptualized in 2010, conceived in 2014 and born in 2017. We have experienced steady growth both in the number of unique visitors to our website and social media reach – all progress being organic fueled by you, our readers, telling your  family, friends and associates of the depth of our value preposition. In response to our calling, we seek driven and gifted individuals to grow with our family that we dotingly call MULEMBE NATION.  If you are interested in being part of our story, please contact us. Karibu!

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By the shade of a mango tree upfront my parents house, we have grown. They, our parents, growing up, also got counseled there. Its branches and leaves know not only our ways, but the dreams our forefathers had for us. We’ve all been fed by its fruits, and are glad it has sealed its mouth on our family’s struggles and secrets. Whoever planted it is long gone. Whoever will witness its death may yet to be born. Mulembe Nation celebrates her and her kind. And lay plans to plant and nurture more of her type.

the children and youth

Through interviews with young and old mulembe personalities, we seek to be the salt of the world. With our growing library of folktales and chats with mulembe elders, we define values.


Life is one body of knowledge.


Good food. Responsible food. Health food. Food as a glue between men. It is Chinua Achebe who said: "A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound."

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