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an artistic impression of a chocolatey babe or choco baba sweet n spicy babe who in Maragoli language is known as umwana ipilau

Umwana ipilau, an elegant way say beautiful in Luhya

Wow her with the Maragoli phrase ‘umwana ipilau’ and score extra points. Do you want to know how to impress your crush with your Luhya language skills by complimenting their beauty? Well, you are in good luck as Luhya is one of the most romantic Great Lakes Bantu African languages.

With Luhya, you’ll never run out of flawless ways to express your affection. Each of the 18 dialects of Luhya language has tens of ways to appreciate beauty and even more ways to when you consider ‘Luhyanized’ words from other languages; like the Maragoli phrase ‘umwana ipilau’ which translates to sweet n’ spicy babe.

So, who’s umwana ipilau?

In Kenya, pilau the Swahili rice dish, is associated with the coast, a region famed for its easy going days, thumping nights and lazy white sand beaches. Moreover, no typical Kenyan wedding is complete without guests being served pilau. In the context of describing someone as beautiful in Maragoli, pilau is used to compare their beauty to the rich flavors of pilau. Their personality and being like the complexity of flavors that find perfect balance in pilau.

Other elegant ways to say beautiful in Luhya

  • Umwana inyanaya
  • Umwana rikado
  • Umwana lipera
  • Umwana idumbu
  • Mwana ipilau

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