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an artistic impression of a chocolatey babe or choco babe or chocolate babe who in Maragoli language is known as umwana ichocolate

Umwana ichocolate, an elegant way to say beautiful in Luhya

Wow her with the Maragoli phrase ‘umwana ichocolate’ and score extra points. Learn what this flawless phrase means and how to best use it.

Do you want to know how to impress your crush with your Luhya language skills by complimenting their beauty? Well, you are in good luck as Luhya is one of the most romantic Great Lakes Bantu African languages. With Luhya, you’ll never run out of flawless ways to express your affection. Each of the 18 dialects of Luhya language has tens of ways to appreciate beauty and even more ways to when you consider ‘Luhyanized’ words from other languages; like in the Maragoli phrase ‘umwana ichocolate’ which translates to chocolatey babe, choco babe or chocolate beauty.

Who’s umwana ichocolate?

That kind of babe — in my mind I picture a dark skin– a brown beauty who’s as luscious as chocolate. Just looking at her makes you happy; and it feels like she’s the one you want to go for some TLC after a hard day… Because, her joyful spirit and optimistic outlook to life promises nothing but lots of good times.

Other elegant ways to say beautiful in Luhya

  • Umwana inyanaya
  • Umwana rikado
  • Umwana lipera
  • Umwana idumbu
  • Mwana ipilau

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