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poster: best of Luhya comedy with a collage of rising acts in Luhya comedy

Meet The Best Of Luhya Comedy: Between Nakhumicha, The Musalia Mudambi, Miheso, Mc Tonde, Choffuri, Mulamwah, Mtumishi na Mchungaji and Smart Joker, A Guaranteed Laugh and Feeling Of Home

Makokha and Papa Shirandula – just to name a few of the most accomplished Luhya acts in recent times – offer the shoulders upon which this new generation of artists putting Luhya comedy on the world map stand upon, as they reach for the stars. Meet comedians Nakhumicha, The Musalia Mudambi, Miheso, Mc Tonde, Choffuri, Mtumishi na Mchungaji, Mulamwah and Smart Joker.

Luhya comedy is many things. It can be stereotypical in an artsy way. Often, like is the curse of satire and comedy the world over, Luhya comedy can be abrasive, upsetting or simply vile. Moreover, comedy can be Luhya because it plays on accents that are Luhya. However, most argue that the funny is more Luhya if it is delivered in the beauty of our 18+ dialects from the 18+ Oluyias of mulembe. The following ‘new age’ acts of Luhya comedy paint this fast rising art form in all its shades and hues. Meet the very best, the future of Luhya comedy.

Luhya comedy stand up act Smart joker with blazer and golf hat on holding microphone
Smart Joker on stage. Image | Courtesy

Smart Joker Serves The Most Suave Dose Of Contemporary Luhya Comedy

Smart Joker, Micheal Akala Omuka, is a regular act on the Kenyan comedy treat Churchill Show. When he first appeared on television screens, the comedian/ musician reminded audiences of the act of the legend of Luhya comedy Mathias Keya a.k.a Alfonse dot Makacha dot Makokha. Only that Smart Joker’s character was younger, more suave, smarter but still stereotypical of that Luhya character that Kenyan comedians love so much.

Fun Fact On Smart Joker: In late 2017, media reports emerged of Smart Joker having graduated with a law degree. However on his official Facebook page, the self styled ‘lawyer wa Team Mafisi’ describes himself as a journalist by profession.

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Miheso hails from Ikolomani and represents the central houses of Mulembe. His big moment was in the years 2016 and 2017. In this regard, the talented Miheso can be termed a pioneer of online Luhya comedy. However, after this strong cameo, close to no new content coming from him can be found online thereafter. Did he re-brand? Or did he quit comedy? Having been left in stitches with his wit, we can’t help but wonder what may have happened to him. Pray to Wele that its the best.

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Miheso On Social Media

Try as we may, we couldn’t find a social media profile across any of the popular social media networks affiliated to Miheso. Be it Miheso the man, the brand or the comedian. To us, it appears like this budding talent took an abrupt and possibly forced break from making the masses laugh. Like we earlier prayed, we sure hope his absence from the scene is for the best. More importantly, that he is well. That said, in the event that any of our readers knows how to get more of Miheso’s work, hit us in the comments below.

Meet #EnjofuyaBusia, The Emerging Luhya Comedian From Samia Better Known as Mc Tonde

Samia Enjekho Productions is the creative house through which Mc Tonde delivers his take of Luhya comedy. Mc Tonde’s work consists mainly of skits and vines themed around the life of an archetypal village man from Samia. His co-stars include the precocious talent Ngoto; the hilarious Agripina; and the super-talented Anyango Lupanga.

poster advertising a Luhya comedy show by Samia Enjekho productions featuring Mc Tonde, Ngoto and Agripina
Poster for a past event featuring Mc Tonde. | Image Mc Tonde Facebook Page

In order to enjoy first hand entertainment from Samia Enjekho Productions, try patronizing the entertainment spots of Funyula and Port Victoria. For those not in the know, nightlife in this parts of mulembe consists of themed every-damn-day-of-the-week, weekly shows known as ‘Karaoke’. In the ‘Karaoke’ nights of mulembe, local talent is on showcase. From dancers to miming acts, a live show is the main offering on a night out. Music, drinking and dancing as it happens anywhere else on a night out in Kenya happens to be the after party.

Also Watch: Karaoke in Busia, Uganda is nothing like you’ve experienced before!

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The Musalia Mudambi, The Master Of Luhya Comedy

On his official website, The Musalia Mudambi describes a childhood that any Maragoli will identify with. A deeply religious and conservative upbringing in a “two bed roomed semi-permanent house in Kigama Location of North Maragoli in Vihiga county.” Given such an upbringing, it is easy to tell where the richness of his art stems from; especially his masterful depiction of a character, Mama Zindori, who’s your typical Maragoli mum.

photo of Luhya comedy act  in yellow stripped polo shirt The musalia Mudambi smiling, arms folded leaning on table edge
The Musaia Mudambi | Image themusaliamudambi.com

In addition, The Musalia Mudambi’s mastery of the language and the ways of Mulogooli is simply one to bow to. This is his genius. Moreover he is also a keen observer of social contradictions in contemporary Maragoli society; a sensitive barometer of simmering and underlying conflicts that the modern Mulogoli struggles with; and, a precise annotator of Mulogoli’s adaptation to the times. It is for this reason that I look forward to his work as a producer of Maragoli satire and content on a VOD platform owned by a major media house – he recently wore this cap alongside that of comedian, radio presenter and custodian of Maragoli culture.

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Choffuri is Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx All Rolled Into One, Killing It With Luhya Comedy Delivered Entirely in Lubukusu

In our June of 2019 interview with the comedian cum actor cum Mc cum musician cum movie producer, director and commentator titled “Getting to know the hardworking Choffuri“, we set the stage as follows:

He works as hard as Kevin Hart, has the versatility of Jamie Foxx, and brings it all together with a passion and drive to educate society through humor. Meet Choffuri, born Tinny Mutali, who’s candid, honest yet hilarious work is putting Bungoma and Lubukusu on the map.

Today, we stand by our claims as above. Moreover, we would like to add that Choffuri’s greatest gift is his willingness to take under his wing upcoming acts in Luhya comedy and entertainment. Sir, for that mulembe is forever grateful.

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Luhya Comedy’s Very Own Mulamwah is The King of Status Comedy

Born David Oyando, the nurse from Bikeke village calls himself the ‘King of status comedy’ and ‘Kitale King. Going by his huge and exponentially growing following of social media, we have to concur. I bet that even more established mainstream acts are envious of the growing influence of this status comedian cum musician cum Mc cum influencer.

Luhya comedy king of social media Mulamwah in a blue jumper
All smiling. Smiling to the bank? | Image Mulamwah

However, being famous online comes with its barbs. The most irritating and depressing has to be the low-life trolls. Mulamwah has faced more than his fair version of battles with trolls, a fact that he revealed in an email interview with mulembenation.co.ke:

” I have had to overcome a lot of challenges and the scars remind me to keep it serene. Talk of lack of professional cameras, to poor editing and at times the discouragement one faces from people when you post your videos; I carry all those marks of the journey with me. Ukweli ni those who will try and pull you down ni wengi. I tell you, ever since I posted that first video online, I have faced a lot of discouragement from people but I have kept moving on. Anyway, I overcame this negativity and challenges by just being me. Everyday, simple things remind me of how I have had to make the most of the little that was available to me. It keeps me humble.

Mulamwah in the interview, This is Mulamwah, published on 26th September of 2019

Be sure to read the interview, to understand Mulamwah’s art, life and future.

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A Queen After a Throne: This is Nakhumicha

Kenyan comedy has been blessed with famous Tv couple duos. The likes of Mzee Ojwang and Mama Kayai, Nyasuguta and Mogaka, and Papa Shirandula and Wilbroda. To that hallowed list of female comedians, soon we might have to make space for the petite Nakhumicha.

The Boss Lady of Luhya comedy Nakhumicha outdoors in a sleeveless top and blue jeans.
Nakhumicha smiling at her bright future. | Image Nakhumicha Facebook Page

Nakumicha is the boss lady, so far, of new age Luhya comedians. Audiences following Luhya comedy first met her acting alongside Choffuri. Recently, she has taken the dip to star in her own vines. Don’t let her definitive size fool you as she packs a punch of punchlines that are delivered in flowing Lubukusu.

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The Singing Duo Of Luhya Comedy; Meet Mtumishi na Mchungaji The Kreative Generation

When Gilbert Baraza a.k.a Mtumishi and Josephat Muchesia a.k.a Mchungaji burst into the Kenya comedy scene sometime in the mid 10’s of this millennium, their style of Luhya comedy was one audiences were yet to experience. In 2014, at the beginning of the height of this duo, a writer described Mtumishi and Mchungaji’s style of comedy as:

Luhya comedy double act Mtumishi and Mchungaji in costume flashing thumbs up sign
Before the fame: A very early photo of Mtumishi (left) and Mchungaji (right).

Their style of comprises a blend of corrupted songs derived from life’s actual events

What the writer forgot to add was that besides being human turntables, the duo deliver a tight offering of stand up comedy. In fact, the songs are just but the highlight of well put together performances.

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