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An illustration of a happy baby girl surrounded by elements symbolizing happiness such as butterflies and flowers, set in a joyful background embodying the feeling of joy and happiness aligning with the meaning of the name Asangale, which means happy in Maragoli language

Asangale: The Name of Happiness for a Luhya Girl – Meaning, Origin

Explore the meaning and significance of the Maragoli name Asangale, derived from the word ‘sangale’ meaning happy. It’s a perfect name for a baby girl that celebrates both traditional and contemporary feminine traits which bring about joy.

Asangale Summary

  • Name: Asangale
  • Origin: Asangale is drawn from the Maragoli word -sangale
  • English translation of word: Happy
  • Name Masculine form: Sangale
  • Name Unisex form: Sangale
  • Simillar Luhya Names: Agayanzi
  • Good Alternative for the following English or other language baby girl names: Ada/Etta/Eda (German),Beatrice (English) Duscha (Russian), Farrah (Arabic), Joyce/Joy, Jovonna/Jovie (Slavic), Keiko (Japanese), Leda (Greek), Luana (Hawaiian), Mabbina (Irish)

Asangale is a beautiful Maragoli name for a baby girl that evokes feelings of positivity. The name is derived from the Luhya word ‘sangale’, which translates to mean happy. In the Luhya culture, the concept of happiness is deeply rooted and celebrated as a vital aspect of humanness.

There’s no better example of this than the refrain of the popular Luhya folk song that goes: “Mwene dala asangale khi bakeni basangale”; which translates to “The owner of the home be happy so that your visitors can be happy too”. It’s a song sang at weddings and other happy occasions. Often the guests sing it as a way to tease the hosts of to open the dance floor, or to cheer them on as they dance, calling on everyone to join in the festivities.

Meaning of Maragoli Luhya Name for Baby Girls Asangale

Just by this example, it is clear like day that in the Luhya way of life, naming your baby girl Asangale is not only a beautiful choice, but is also a great wish upon her life. It is an indelible proclamation of blessings to your daughter: You wish upon her that she grows up to be one who brings happiness to her loved ones and community at large.

Furthermore, once they do grownup and come to know of the meaning of their name, they will be aware of the happiness their birth brought. You never know, but this exotic name may just be the encouragement the bearer needs to be a source of happiness and positivity to those around them.

This, in the African way of community, can only be positive. By acting like a true north, the name Asangale is a constant reminder to the bearer to embrace others, help them lift their burdens, be a kind listener… to do whatever it takes that’s within them to bring a smile on another’s face.

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