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#AfterDark: Shipoto meaning in English and other coded ways of talking dirty in Bukusu language without being awkward

So, you took in our tips on how to ask for sex in Bukusu and got lucky. Now the challenge is: how do you get things going? Maybe she likes it when you talk dirty. But will she mind you calling ‘it’ shipoto?

TD;LR Shipoto or sipoto means vagina in Bukusu language, a dialect of the Luhya.

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My people the Bukusu have ingenious ways of referring to private parts. When they don’t want to say it as it is, they use coded talk. Let me put it upfront that names of private parts in Bukusu are naughty but make the best of the possibilities of the color of Lubukusu.


The penis has 101 names that include: Endene, esonga, kumubili, engitole etc. I don’t even know them all because it was considered bad manners to even mention them.

Today, in keeping with African good manners, the youths have come up with names like mujulubeng. Moreover, I’ve heard younglings corrupt otherwise honorable Bukusu slang words such as sibia in reference to kumubili. By the way, if you didn’t know Esonga is a common Luhya surname.


Sipoto or more commonly shipoto simply means vagina in Bukusu language.

Beyond the commonly known and used shipoto, the vagina has its fair share of coded names like: kumunie, sipoto, enyungu ye bubukhi (the pot of honey), sifwo, eng’ati and sibele (cow’s udder).


Buttocks are referred to as kamatakho, kamatofari (bricks, as in building bricks), kenyuma, sibuno, sia wacheke, sia wanakatindi so on or forth.

Do you remember a certain Western Kenya governor in whose reign the Bukusu slang word sibunogenic gained prominence? Well, know you know why….


Breasts are referred to as kamaturu, kamabele, biakhulia bio omwana (child’s food) among others.

As far as I know, and very generally speaking, Bukusu men are more of bottom than top (kamaturu) guys. Oh, no please don’t quote me on this! Ha ha ha

of butiu and ekong’a

Semen is referred to as butiu in Bukusu when its from a grown male. But if its coming from an adolescent, we call it ekong’a.

It is wrongly believed that ekong’a can’t get a girl in the family way. Thus the common refrain in Bukusu when it’s heard that a boy who was recently a convalescing mufulu has made a girl pregnant: “Eeh, ekong’a yomwana oyu yawelesie owasie enda?

What about making love? How do you say that in Bukusu language?

Bukusu coded words for making love

First up is khuyaba sipwoni, which literally means: digging up sweet potatoes.

Making love in Bukusu in coded speak is: khukhwalana, khukhwala, khukhwisiuba, khulia bindu (eating things), khukhunda and khusekenya.

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