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Today tomorrow yesterday in Bukusu

How does one ‘order days’ in relation to each other in Bukusu? Today we learn how to say: today tomorrow yesterday in Bukusu; plus more Lubukusu words for ‘ordering days’.

Like most languages, Lubukusu has words that are of importance to everyday conversation as so far as describing time. English grammar struggles to clarify whether the words today, tomorrow and yesterday are nouns or adverbs. In lieu of this, our exploration today avoids such semantics.

This is to say that this blog is rather a humble introduction to these words. The following list of words are the most common words for ‘ordering of days’ in Bukusu. Learn how to say today tomorrow yesterday in Bukusu and much more.




Muchuli/ kumutikhinyi

mm-chu-li or Kum-uti-khii-nyi




Day after tomorrow




Nyangesio or Lichonekha

nyan-ge-sio or li-cho-ne-kha

Day before yesterday



Sounds much like the Swahili version ‘juzi’. However, unlike the Swahili word which refers to the day before yesterday; this Lubukusu word refers to the day, two days before yesterday.

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Bukusu language or Lubukusu is the tongue of Babukusu, the largest of the 18 houses of mulembe. Learn how to speak Bukusu language through our free lessons in Bukusu language; our stories on Bukusu culture that harness the richness of Lubukusu in their narrative; our continuous search for the meaning of different Bukusu proverbs and sayings; and if your Lubukusu is already good enough, sharpen and challenge yourself with our new blog sibukusu that covers everything Bukusu in the purest Lubukusu.

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