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Meaning of old Maragoli saying about a fool: yagonera amasiru

Is there a fool of fools? The Maragoli people of Western Kenya say there is. In describing such irredeemable imbeciles, the children of Andimi say of them: yagonera amasiru. Meaning, (s)he has slept on foolishness.

Practice sentence showing use of the saying yagonera amasiru in everyday speak

Sentence in LulogooliSentence in English Meaning
Engoko yagonera amasiru.The hen sat (brooded) on stupidity. Consider a hen brooded over unfertile eggs. After 21 days of sitting on the eggs, it hatches nothing. Over the same period, it also stops laying eggs and is therefore of little benefit to the farmer. In such a situation, there are two avasiru (fools or stupid people in Lulogooli). First, the eggs. The eggs show a great lack of common sense, hence stupid, as they sit there been sat on expecting what exactly? Then there is the curious case of the hen. The hen shows a great lack of intelligence. Its stupidity is amplified by the fuss of a broody hen: aggressive, irritable and protective – in our case, all for nothing. Yet, it will surprise no-one that the hen still knows no better because if no one intervenes, it sits still; brooding over stupidity.

More uses of yagonera amasiru

From this example, we conclude the meaning of the Maragoli saying yagonera amasiru as talking of someone or persons showing utter stupidity. One person said to me that this saying works well to describe an heir wasting his/her inheritance away in booze and other vanities. Or situations whereby thoughtlessness prevails at the expense of any sense, like it gets sometimes when estranged lovers fight. Could be also apt for describing how we sometimes get with politics.

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