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Meaning of Maragoli phrase Kuhayahaya

Definition and meaning of Maragoli phrase Kuhayahaya

Literal meaning is to be unsettled, be all over the place. I find this Maragoli phrase interesting given how it reminds me of similar sounding and meaning words in Kenya’s urban slang sheng. Take for instance that in sheng we say kuhaha or kugwaya gwaya when someone is restless from anxiety or irrational fears. Or how we say kuhanyahanya when one is all over the place with their sexual life, changing partners recklessly and mindlessly.

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  1. To be jittery

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The Maragoli or Mulogoli is a Bantu tribe that’s one of the larger houses of the Luhya supra-community that’s presently mainly domiciled in Western Kenya. Maragoli language or Lulogooli, Logoli is the tongue of Maragoli. Join us and learn how to speak Maragoli language. Start of with our free lessons in Maragoli language. Build your vocabulary with our stories from Maragoli culture whose narrative harnesses the richness of L’logoli in telling our origin, beliefs and way of life.  Hop on our continuous search for the meaning of different Maragoli proverbs and sayings. Test yourself with our dalliance at the intersections, such as in our ongoing Kinyarwanda-Lulogooli and Lingala- Luhya discourse. Let’s get you started with Kimaragoli, with our mega post: Learn Maragoli Online: The Mulembe Nation list of 60+ common Maragoli words, their translation and meaning.

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