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Origin: Luwanga dialect of Luhya language.

Variations in Luwanga language:

Variations in Luhya dialects:

Similar sounding Bantu words:

English translation and Meaning of alubeka

at the other side, on one side, aside

Synonyms of alubeka


Antonyms of alubeka


Beyond the everyday: alubeka in Wanga and Luhya Culture


In this section, we provide cultural context and examples of everyday use of alubeka for a fuller, deeper dive into Wanga language as Luwanga words, as it is with most African languages, are often full of symbolism and cultural references that make simple translations inadequate.

About the Wanga and Luwanga

Luwanga or Wanga langauage is the tongue of the Luhya Wanga. The Wanga call Mumias in Kakamega County, Kenya home. The infamous Luhya paramount chief Nabongo Mumia was a Wanga. You can learn more about the Omwami Nabongo Mumia and the Wanga people by visiting the Nabongo Cultural Center in Mumias just off the Mayoni – Busia road.

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