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Get to know the meaning and translation of Atiti, a common Luhya word of Bukusu language origin. Learn pronunciation, know synonyms, similar words, similar sounding Bantu words as you build your vocabulary.



Meaning and translation of Atiti

a little, slightly

Plural or singular form

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Practice sentence

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Synonyms of Atiti

Get to know Luhya words of similar or close meaning to Atiti

Bukusu synonyms

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Maragoli synonyms

Wanga synonyms

Homophones – similar sounding Bantu words

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Beyond the everyday: The meaning of ‘Atiti’ in Bukusu and Luhya culture

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About the Bukusu

The Bukusu or Babukusu are the largest of the 17 houses (sub-tribes/sub-communities) of the Luhya. Today, they are found largely Bungoma and Trans Nzoia Counties of Western Kenya and also in Eastern Uganda along the slopes of Mt Elgon or Mt Masaba. Learn all about Bukusu origin, clans, language, traditions and culture.

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